Food for Thought

Food for Thought: DNR (Do Not Resurrect)

Medicine has long since recognized the right of patients to waive their right to resuscitation. If the patient, for whatever reason, makes a choice about what should be done with them, it’s the doctors’ responsibility to recognize their wishes. Very rarely does a doctor ignore the clearly stated wishes of a patient.

Resurrection is not, currently, a branch of medical science. Resurrections are performed quietly, in dark and damp dungeons by cackling necromancers. There is no ethics or restraint in the public of a necromancer. Nevertheless, many people have begun signing Do Not Resurrect waivers, at the urging of the medical establishment at large.

The same concerns apply here, after all. Resurrection is a reversal of the natural order (i.e. dark magic). Humans never come back from resurrection; zombies do. Yet there are plenty of reasons to suspect the reasoning of doctors who promote this line of thinking. Who lines their pockets?

Some necromancers are trying to take resurrection corporate. The medical establishment wants people to be resurrected, just not this way, at this time. Besides being cravenly greedy, this is a mistake that has been made several times. The memorable case of Andrew Wakefield, who reported falsely about a link between MMR vaccine and autism to promote his own, rival vaccine, comes to mind. His scaremongering tactics created a generation of anti-vaccination proponents because the specter of autism was so terrifying.

Make the decision about resurrection carefully and cautiously, and most of all, talk to your loved ones. Before any corporations or doctors, they’re the ones who’ll move heaven and earth to bring you back.


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