Post-Mortem: Sinew

In this interview, I talk to a zombie who’s learned how to adapt his old lifestyle to his new condition.

Vanilla Civilian: So. BDSM.

Sinew: Yes, that is our topic of discussion today. Is there something funny about that?

VC: Not at all, it’s…fascinating.

Sinew: Of course. I live to fascinate.

VC: I think you probably want to  start with why it appeals to you generally.

Sinew: Do I. Well, if master insists. BDSM appeals to me because the act of subjugation is a subversive way of engaging with traditional sexual dynamics. And it’s hot.

VC: Oh-okay. Um. So that, what kind of stuff do you do with that?

Sinew: Wax, clamps, petplay, hand-feeding, collars…I try to keep things a little interesting.

VC: Right. Uh, how did things change after you turned?

Sinew: Zombies have completely deadened sensation. Pain no longer worked the same way, and neither did pleasure.

VC: How did you cope with that? How did you adapt?

Sinew: I got creative.

VC: …

VC: Thanks for stopping by.


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