Access Zombiewood: The Auditor

The Auditor (2013) was the first film to pit Christian values against zombism. It was inevitable. While religious people had been suspicious of zombies, they’d been divided on how suspicious to be. The more progressive preached tolerance. The more traditional preached segregation. It was a simple debate, lacking in nuance.

The titular auditor doesn’t have any interest in finances. He audits souls. Every kindness is balanced against every cruelty. The movie begins with him judging three people in quick succession, none of them zombies. One good, one neutral, one evil. The treatment of each of them sets up our expectations for how the film’s protagonist will be handled.

After the introductory scenes with the auditor, focus shifts to the zombie. Ryder Young is a walking stereotype of a contemporary youth culuture, though increasingly hard to recognize now. The film hides his identity as a zombie for maximum effect, but we have no need for such manipulation. His status as a zombie is meant to remove all previously established audience sympathy- or so the movie’s backers may have thought. The audience disagreed, and many watching the movie came away with more sympathy for zombies.


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